Where Latin

to the Latin
Plaza Hub

Where Latincouver believe in the spirit of the plaza from Latin American countries comes alive!
Create connections, have celebrations, learn, get work opportunities, business networking, settlement tools and more!

How to Connect With Us

the plaza online

Explore exclusive content and connect with the Latin community through our exclusive social platform.

Join the Amigo in Canada program to make friends, share experiences, and get settlement support. Entrepreneurs can join LCBC for expanded networking opportunities.

The plaza in-person

Interact with the community through our Latin Plaza Hub.
Visit our physical space and discover everything we have to offer, from language and dance classes to a coffee shop, Latin store, co-working space, kids’ activities, seniors’ meetings, podcast studio, event rental area, and much more!

Latin Plaza Hub is the place to...

Connect, chat, and create bonds
Learn, work and improve your skills
Learn, work and improve your skills
Share knowledge and celebrate special occasions

Latin Plaza Hub services:

See what makes us unique.

Business Directory

Check our curated business directory, designed to connect you with different services in Vancouver in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

Online Social Platform

Become our AMIGO MEMBER and engage with the community through online forums, social chat groups, and a networking platform.

Co-working space

Rent a workspace for your company to conduct meetings and various activities.

General Classes

Try something new with our exciting classes!



Kids Space / Events

Enjoy activities for kids where they can learn and reconnect with their latin heritage.


Impress guests with cuisine for any occasion, including Latin-inspired options.

Podcast / video studio

Use this space to create professional-quality content in our studio.

Art Gallery

Showcase your artwork or explore inspiration in our art gallery.

Virtual office

Maintain a professional presence. Use our office address to receive packaging, arrange meetings and more